US Christians Outraged That Founding Fathers Don’t Supercede Scripture

Rachel N. Stephens
3 min readMay 15, 2020
Freemason George Washington was just one of many Freemasons and Deist Founding Fathers. Painted by Charles Willson Peale at Mount Vernon, Virginina in 1772.

Imagine if telling an Italian Christian today that, “ancient Rome was pagan and its leaders were occultists” caused them to lash out and have a mental breakdown.

Can anyone explain why so many American subscribers are losing their minds over the fact I correctly said that the American “Founding Fathers were deists, occultists and Freemasons.”


The Washington Monument is an obelisk, a phallic symbol, with the walkways forming a Vesica Piscis, a sacred geometric shape representing the divine feminine.

Mentioning, correctly, that these founders designed Washington D.C. to pay homage to their Freemason and occult beliefs, like the Washington Monument being an obelisk inside of a vesica piscis, has Christians out for blood.


So many Christians watch videos about celebrities and business people being occultists and Freemasons, complain about the Vatican being filled with occult symbols, yet Washington D.C., and the Founding Fathers are no different.


Why is it when I quote Romans 13:1–7 and 1 Peter 2:13–15, people are blowing up my comment section, incensed, demanding to know if I’m saying that it was wrong for the US to rebel against King George III because “the hand of God is on these documents.”

The fact that the Founding Fathers rebelled and US Christians confuse American Nationalism with Christianity doesn’t give Christians the greenlight to rebel against the Word of God. Jesus isn’t your president, Jesus is King.


Reverse Side Seal of the United States features “Annuit Cœptis,” meaning “He approves [our] undertakings,” an all seeing eye above an unfinished 13 step pyramid, with “MDCCLXXVI” which is 1776 in Roman numerals at the base. The banner at the bottom reads, “novus ordo seclorum” meaning “new order of the ages.”

Ummm so Deists, occultists, Freemasons:

  1. lead a rebellion against a Protestant Christian King because of disagreements concerning taxation.
  2. build their capital city using all the same occult symbols in the Vatican, Rome and Greece.
  3. adopt the government of pagan Rome and Greece.
  4. put an all seeing eye and a pyramid on their seal, which is now on US money.

A 1-second Google search of “founding fathers occultists” will provide more examples of anti-biblical beliefs and actions by these men. Just take a look at revolutionary works such as Thomas Paine’s Age of Reason, who called the virgin birth “hearsay upon hearsay.”


Somehow people will accuse any celebrity or company and uses these same symbols of selling out to Satan for wealth and power. But if occultists who use the same symbols create a (formerly) well off country, it’s not because of Satan, but Jesus? That isn’t even logically consistent.


My question is, why are so many American subscribers about to have a breakdown over whether or not the Revolutionary War was justified? Who cares either way! The war ended in 1783.

It. Does. Not. Matter.

It’s not as if we’re going to go back to being under the crown. Nobody alive today was involved in the Revolutionary War in any capacity, so who cares? We live here now and we have kingdom work to do that doesn’t include defending the decisions of fallen men, long dead.


Image of George Washington on the US Capitol dome’s rotunda, by artist artist Constantino Brumidi.

Apotheosis means “to become God-like.”

George Washington in a royal purple drape, is flanked by the Roman goddess Libertas / Greek goddess Eleutheria (red hat / Phrygian cap) and Victoria, the Roman goddess of victory / Greek goddess Nike (laurel crown.) Underneath Washington is the made-up goddess Columbia.

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